[Cooking Demonstration] WORLD THROUGH NOODLE

20/10/2022 hcmcfoodex

Noodles is very familiar to all of us, no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you have certainly enjoyed this dish.


When science and technology had not yet developed, the processing of noodles required very elaborate and careful processing. Therefore, noodles were once a dish only available on important occasions for Asians, or only for Italian aristocrats. Today, with the modern science and technology, the noodle processing industry is increasingly developing with many different shapes and sizes.


Join HCMC FOODEX 2022 to attend the culinary show “The World Through Noodle” by Guest: Artisan Dinh Van Toan, Lecturer at Saigon Tourist Professional School


“The World Through Noodle” gave visitors the knowledge and perspective to make a delicious bowl of noodles.