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NET ZERO is the goal of achieving zero emissions through implementing commitments to deal with climate change. Alongside the international community in pursuit of the NET ZERO goal, Vietnam has been promoting the transition to green and sustainable development, wherein the green economy is gradually growing with the participation of many large domestic enterprises.

Not only pioneering the green conversion from very early on, but also through the forefront application of PLASMA technology in the production process of products and steadfastly achieving the objectives in the “NET ZERO – Journey to Sustainable Development” of Colusa – Miliket for over half a decade, elevating the value of the declaration “Green Enterprises for the Community” that we consistently pursue.

In a journey of over 50 years of development and innovation, Colusa – Miliket proudly stands as a pioneer in applying PLASMA microbial sterilization technology to mitigate changes in the taste and flavor of products in the production of items such as pho, rice vermicelli, noodles, rice noodles, and various types of noodles, ensuring quality meals for the environment and consumer health.

With persistent efforts and investment in product quality for human health and environmental protection, Colusa – Miliket has achieved numerous ‘sweet fruits’, including the trust of millions of consumers, along with awards for environmental conservation, green products, and eco-friendly factories, such as the titles of Golden Brand, National Brand, and High-Quality Vietnamese Products of International Standards. This is also the driving force behind our continued pursuit, development, and imprint on the journey to promote the green economy, circular economy, and digital transformation, enhancing the added value of products, while affirming the vitality of the brand in the hearts of Vietnamese people, steadfast amidst the current fluctuations.

“Clean Products – Green Environment”

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