04/10/2022 HCMC foodex

Honeyland’s products are made of natural honey. Hard-working bees get honey from flowers and plants that grow from the best soil and the freshest climate, so each drop of honey has great taste and healthily. The process of harvesting and producing is modern, we use hi-technology to keep all the nutrients in our products, Therefore each drop of our honey is perfect for you to take care of yourself and all lovers!

Every year from March to June is the season of wild flowers in the Central Highlands in full bloom of the year. At this time, the worker bees will be able to suck drops of pure honey from the flowers of the Central Highlands forest that nature has bestowed.

Xuyen Chi flower plant is an herb that cures many diseases with the scientific name Bidens Pliosa; it usually grows naturally and blooms profusely in June to August in the Northwest mountains of Ha Giang province.

Name of company TIGIHONEY BEE JSC
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Điện thoại/ Phone 02.866.814.606
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