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Is a precious species of ginseng, discovered by Cham people in Chau Bo Chinh (now Bo Trach district, Quang Trach Quang Binh) more than 300 years ago. A product offered to the king from the reign of King Le and Lord Trinh. However, this precious ginseng species has long been lost. By 2017, the people of Quang Binh had researched and embarked on the restoration of the main ginseng variety. By 2019, this ginseng variety has been successfully grown and Bo Chinh ginseng roots have been officially put on the market. Continuing the journey, SBC HOANG GIA Co., Ltd. has developed and spread the nutritional value of the main ginseng plant to the community through a set of products: Fresh Ginseng, Sliced ​​Dried Ginseng, Ginseng Powder, Fresh Ginseng Soaked with Honey bees, ginseng wine, ginseng jam….

Royal Bo Chinh Ginseng Powder (50grams) is made from pure fresh Bo Chinh Ginseng. Produced with strict Japanese standards. Guaranteed no preservatives, no food colors. And especially the nutritional value is almost the same as fresh Ginseng Bo Chinh.

The main ginseng soaked in alcohol is one of the 4 types of premium products Ginseng – Velvet – Cinnamon – Very good for health. Especially, when soaked in alcohol, the nutritional components in Bo Chinh ginseng remain intact.

Sam Bo Chinh evil chicken is a delicious and nutritious dish that can be used in family meals. Fresh Ginseng Pigeon dish helps to invigorate and strengthen vitality, nourishing the elderly and the newly sick very effectively.

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