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Download bash shell for windows 10. How to install and use the Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10

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Remember, you need to replace with installed distribution names like Ubuntu, Debian, or Kali Linux. At last, enter the command given below for checking the version of WSL the Windows Subsystem for Linux on your system. This article will help you install Linux Bash Shell on your Windows 10 without any trouble, so we have offered ways to tackle errors while installing Linux Bash Shell.

What is your feedback about this article? Let us know!. Simran works as a technical writer. She enjoys writing about any tech topic, including programming, algorithms, cloud, data science, and AI. Travelling, sketching, and gardening are the hobbies that interest her. Microsoft has started a partnership with Canonical, and it is a parent company of Ubuntu. After your computer reboots, you’re ready to set up bash for Windows:. Go to the Microsoft Store and select the Linux distribution of your choice.

Install it then launch it. Wait for the distribution to finish installing, then create a username in the command window and press Enter.

During the first-run process, you’ll have to engage in some basic configuration, depending on the distribution. Often, you must specify a username and password. After the installation is successful, close the window and right-click the Start menu, then select Windows PowerShell Admin.

You may be prompted to enter your Windows administrator password. Type bash in the terminal window and press Enter. Microsoft recently joined hands with Canonical the parent company of Ubuntu to bring the entire userland into Windows, minus the Linux Kernel.

So as a result, you, as a developer, get access to the whole range of Ubuntu command-line tools and utilities with bash shell integrated with Windows. Bash is the shell, or command language interpreter, which is used by various flavors of Linux and the GNU operating system. It is the interface to the operating system. If you have used Ubuntu and passed specific commands to the operating system using the terminal, the chances are relatively high that you have used Bash to do so.

Bash is the most popular command-line interpreter, especially Linux, and hence is the default interactive shell on various distributions of Linux. With the release of Windows its now possible to install bash shell on windows as well. Windows operating system already has PowerShell, which is a command shell and scripting language, which enables the system administrators to perform various administration tasks. The PowerShell was developed on top of the. Bash shell will be available for use directly from the next time onwards.

The reason here is that the Windows Subsystem for Linux is not enabled in your case. You should enable it as explained in step 1 of this guide. You can do that even after you have installed Linux from Windows Store. This is because Windows Subsystem for Linux only runs on the system drive i. You should make sure that when you download Linux from the Windows Store, it is stored and installed in the C Drive.

It will install an entire Ubuntu Linux system, so have patience as it will take some time in downloading and installing Linux on Windows. Now you have a command line version of Ubuntu Linux. You can use apt to install various command line tools in it. If you have the latest Windows version , build , you already have WSL 2 support but you need to enable it and set it to default instead of WSL 1.

Once done, you need to launch the PowerShell run it as administrator and set WSL 2 as the default by typing the following command:. In case you get an error Error: 0x1bc , you need to make sure that you have updated the WSL 2 Linux Kernel, that solved the issue for me.

First, Launch XLaunch and proceed to ensure that you have the following options enabled:. Now, just install your favorite Linux GUI app from the terminal and test if it works!

In my case, I installed and launched Gedit using the following commands:. I hope you find this tutorial helpful for installing bash on Windows 10 and experimenting Linux GUI apps on Windows



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How to Use The Bash Shell and Install Linux Software · Download Updated Information About Available Packages: sudo apt update · Install an. Navigate to the following URL and download and install the latest version of the GIT bash shell. Download Git Bash for Windows. Both methods.


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